About Us

Our mission is to create a true handmade artisan product using simple, natural ingredients containing no unnecessary chemicals or perfumes, that is therapeutic to the senses, soothing to the skin, and brings a little luxury into each day.

Our soap making journey began in an effort to relieve our own family’s dry, allergy-prone skin through the use of homemade, natural products.  We were inspired by our results to create an affordable, artisan soap using only the highest quality ingredients.  Whether it’s a fresh, invigorating start to the morning or a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day, we want our customers to experience a little luxury everyday. 

Our company is a family business located on our farm in Southern Middle Tennessee. Coming from farming and hard-working backgrounds, we were instilled with a desire to create and produce useful, meaningful products with our hands.  Kápia Méra Soap Company began out of that desire with a focus on natural, quality bath and body products.  We are driven to produce products of the highest standards that we, ourselves, would be willing to purchase and use. 

The name Kápia Méra is Greek for "some day" and was the name of my husband's family farm. Out of our desire to honor Steve's Dad and the farm he loved and also because it took us so long to find our passion in soap making, we chose to continue the tradition and call our company Kápia Méra Soap Company.

Thank you for stopping by our store and reading a little about us.  If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Holly & Steve